my life in 20 Brands

Jul 8, 2013
by: jpuac

The 20 products that I use are tide, HP, Dell, Adidas, Melaleuca, Royal prestige, Quakers oats, crest, head & shoulders, downy, morton salt, Berkeley farm milk, Maller, Lubriderm, dawn, Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, and Creative Recreation. The three brands that I constantly and use the most are Creative Recreation, Berkeley farm milk, and HP. These products are important to m because Creative Recreation is a brand of shoes and every time i go out I use them and most of my shoes are these brands. Berkeley farm milk is another brand I use because every morning I need milk with my cereal and coffee. Lastly HP is important to me everyday because my laptop is from these brand and I use my laptop every day for school work, chat with friends and watch movies online. These field research made me realize how many different products come from the same brand.