Siddhartha is set in 500 B.C. That is almost 2,500 years in the past. What will the world look like 2,500 years into the future.

Sep 25, 2013
by: rherrera

The world will be so much different in 2,500 years from now. There will be robots everywhere, doing most of the jobs people do today. Robots will be used at home, at a store or any other jobs that humans are lazy to do. I also think there will be flying cars. And because pf the flying cars there will be a war just ending to fight for oil. Because America will start using other types of oil we can make ourselves and that will be the reason why the war will end. I feel like technology is going to take over. I will see a lot of machines, robots and cars everywhere. I also see the road they are making for the flying cars. And I will smell a lot of burgers and things like junk food because there will be much more than there is now. Because people are going to get more lazy because the robots will be doing everything for them