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Prop-Making Assignment

Discussion by: tnguyen on Mon, 2014-03-10 04:02 with 0 comments

Before our class got to work on the play of Othello, written by Shakespeare, we were assigned to make some props that related to the play, using random recycle objects. I was asked to make 2 black chess pieces. I took some pictures showing all my steps making them and posted all of them on Youthvoices.

Survey: Video Gaming and High School Students (Please help me)

Discussion by: tnguyen on Mon, 2014-03-03 04:12 with 0 comments

Hello everyone Please take a minute to look over this survey and help me to fill out this, or Share with your friends. This survey will allow me to get some information for my Senior Project on the Mental Effects of Video Games.
Thanks for helping me. ^^ I really appreciate your helps.

My Field Research Ideas, Purposes, and Calendar on Senior Project

Discussion by: tnguyen on Thu, 2014-01-30 05:25 with 3 comments

For my senior project focusing on the mental effects of video gaming, I will do some field research to get more primary source information about this topic. In order to do that, I plan to interview people at Fremont High, get comments from Facebook, and make a short survey, collecting different perspectives about video gaming.

A Letter to Mr. Mandela, Mr. Wright, and Mr. Coogler

Discussion by: tnguyen on Thu, 2013-12-12 01:51 with 1 comments

Last Friday, our English class had a chance to watch Fruitvale Station, a movie produced by Mr.Coogler. This movie shows the last moment of Oscar Grant, a black man, in his life, before he got beaten and shot to dead by the bark police at Fruitvale Station, Oakland. The first thing that I felt right from the beginning of the movie was that I couldn't get my eyes off after I started watching. There was something in the movie that really caught the attention of the audience and also made them to think deeply about everything happened, include the character feeling.

How does the video game industry really affect people's lives mentally, physically, and economically ?

Discussion by: tnguyen on Sat, 2013-11-09 17:12 with 23 comments

Hello readers, my name is Thong Nguyen, a senior at Fremont High, Oakland. I'm working on my senior project now and I really need help from you to make my project better and make more sense. I really appreciate your helps. Thank you.

About my senior project, after working on it for a month, I come up with my most updated research thesis: There are so many different perspectives about video games, both positive and negative. So, how does the video game industry really affect people's lives mentally, physically, and economically ?

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